Scope and General Vibes


Pit is a magazine with roots in live fire cooking. That means we take barbecue cooking or smoking food as a starting point, but we don’t worry about straying from that path. Some of the pieces we publish don’t mention live fire cooking at all, although we do usually have a theme for each issue (past themes have included sausages, MSG and kebabs).


We run features ranging from the serious and technical e.g. ‘The Science of Smoke,’ to the lighthearted ‘What Even is a Kebab?’ and our content spans genres; we have published work by food historians, psychologists, musicians and, recently, an original short story from a writer of non-food fiction.


We are inclusive. Pit is a magazine that celebrates the diversity of the food world, and the people who work within it. We work to a set of core values that centre around accessibility, diversity, quality and, very often, FUN.


Sending us Ideas


Each issue of Pit now has a theme. Check our social media feeds @PitMagazineUK to make sure you are pitching within that theme.


We are looking for:



We are not looking for:



Word Count


Our pieces tend to range from 1000 to 2500 words, but we are flexible.


How to Pitch


Please send a 2-3 paragraph pitch outlining your idea to hello@pitmagazine.uk


Tell the core of your idea, then let us know how you would tell that story, including any characters or other details that will help bring it to life. If you are able to take photos or have access to some, then please let us know that in the pitch.


Please include some links to other published work or attach clippings to the email. Photographers and illustrators, please send a link to your portfolio.




We generally pay writers £150-£200 per piece, photographers £100-£200 and illustrators £150 (single piece) or £800-1000 (whole issue). Invoices are paid on submission.


Get in Touch


Email us hello@pitmagazine.uk


Writers, you are pitching to Helen.


Photographers and illustrators you are pitching to Holly.


We hope to hear from you soon!