Issue 08


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The sausage special is Pit’s first-ever themed issue and it’s also our largest! 96 pages of tube-shaped fun.

We are stuffed to bursting with writing from some of the most exciting voices in food: Jonathan Nunn on Goa sausage and cultural identity; Adrienne Katz Kennedy on the Jewish sausage that saved so many from persecution; Angela Hui on lap cheong and Rachel Roddy on mortadella… plus so much more!

Ever wanted to know the Top 20 Central European sausages? The search is over. Is there such a thing as a good veggie sausage? Time to find out.

There’s a bumper recipe section, with contributions from some of the UK’s top chefs – and no, you don’t need special sausage making equipment to try them. We’ve also got condiments, buns and a recipe for what is officially the world’s greatest potato salad.

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